Odessa guides

Creation of an information database and other information systems that contribute to the effectiveness of the members of the ASSOCIATION OF GUIDES OF ODESSA; Organization of informational, advisory, and methodological assistance to members of the ASSOCIATION OF GUIDES OF ODESSA;

Representing the interests of guide-entrepreneurs and guides in state, public, commercial organizations, in self-government bodies and on public platforms;

Interaction with enterprises of the tourism industry;

Conducting conferences, methodological seminars, exhibitions, fairs, “round tables” that contribute to the development of the excursion business and the tourism industry;

Organization of training of qualified specialists for excursion activities, organization of internships and the use of other forms of advanced training; preparation of recommendations for the preparation of technical documentation necessary for the development of an excursion, reviewing of methodological developments of excursions, preparation of guides-translators, organization of in-depth training in foreign languages ​​for specialists in the field of tourism;

Promotion of further expansion of the subject of excursions;

Determination of research directions on the problems of excursion services;

Assessment of the current state of tourist and excursion resources of the Odessa region;

Participation in the creation of new and promotion of existing destinations in the Odessa region;

Exchange of experience and discussion of common problems of excursion activities;

Participation in the certification of guides and guides in accordance with the legislation;

Development of new and systematization of existing tourist routes, their registration in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;

Organization of voluntary certification of members of the ASSOCIATION OF GUIDES OF ODESSA in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and accepted international and national standards in the activities of guides;

Interaction with authorities and local self-governments on the organization of excursion activities in the Odessa region;

Research, development of professional recommendations for excursion activities in the Odessa region;

Creation and maintenance of information bases, Web sites, data processing, preparation of analytical reviews on the topic of the work of the ASSOCIATION OF GUIDES OF ODESSA;

Conducting examinations and consultations, providing expert services;

Rendering assistance in the development of museums, factory tours and other types of excursions;

Assistance in the development and strengthening of business cooperation between guide interpreters and tour guides with colleagues from other regions of Ukraine, as well as at the international level.